Noosa Fishing Report: Snapper Time

Guest with a Snapper fish during fishing charter in Noosa

Noosa Fishing Report: Snapper Time

Noosa Fishing Report:
May to October is prime Snapper time on the Sunshine Coast! The fish move in from Southern and offshore waters as the water cools and the current from the East Australian Current (EAC) has stopped. Large amounts of bait gather this time of year mainly being Pilchards, Slimey Mackerel and Yakkas. Following the bait schools are Snapper, Cobia and Mulloway. Normally seen as a bottom dwelling species however these fish are certainly more of a predator than one would think. They feed from the bottom to just under the surface when the right opportunity presents itself to them.


Prime time is dawn and dusk, throw a moon rise or set in that couple of hours while the light changes and that makes for absolute chaos. We fish spots with large amounts of bait usually from 20-45 meters deep. Anchoring up and establishing a solid burley trail will definitely bring more fish into your fishable zone.

Snapper fishing is available on our winter season day charters, private lodge stays and our shared stays. Book online or send us an enquiry now.


There is no best Snapper bait as such, everything works if it is presented right but we like to fish some rods with small baits like a half Pilchard or Garfish fillet. There always must be a large “Moocher” bait deployed, something like a half Bonito. We regularly see our trophy Snapper and Mulloway caught on the “Moocher” bait.


Multiple rods fished at once is the go, varying the techniques from lightly weighted soft plastics to snell rigs with a pea sinker placed between the 2 hooks and light leaders between 20-55lb. We always fish for Snapper either holding the rod or in horizontal Snapper racks with the reel in free spool. There is nothing better than snapping a reel into gear with a big knobby Snapper screaming off in the other direction. For our clients to target Snapper, we supply them with Shimano Thunnus Bait Runner reels, Shimano Trinidad and Talicas for overheads and Saragosas for soft plastics.

The fishing equipment used at Noosa Sportfishing Lodge to catch Snapper fish.

Winter Snapper fishing is something everyone should get out and have a crack at. With short runs to the grounds and bulk fish you just can’t go wrong. 

Keep an eye out for future blogs and the latest Noosa fishing report coming out soon!

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